While I am more of a BBC Radio 6 listener, Live Lounge truly is a pleasure to listen to with some outstanding covers. Below are some of the best from this year so far. Kings of Leon Dancing on My Own Kodaline Same Love The 1975 What Makes You Beautiful Ellie Goulding Heartbeats Bastille We […]

When I am uninspired/at work/embittered with life I always watch TED talks which open up creative ideas and discussion. Below are my recent favourite talks, some old some new. 1. Larry Smith – Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career If you have ever felt disillusioned by the path you have taken you […]

Do you ever just sit and imagine what your life would be like if you got that letter to Hogwarts? What might have been? Let’s be honest, most of us are still waiting, not fully ready to give up our dreams and accept that the life we have is perhaps it. Graduating college and being […]

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music Sam Smith – The Lonely Hour Bastille – Oblivion Bon Iver and Ellie Goulding- Wolves (Act I and II) Andrew Belle – Make it without you Marcus Foster – I was Broken Radical Face – Welcome Home Joshua Radin – Think I’ll go […]

Inside every functioning twentysomething is a socially awkward faux grown up trying to act like a well put together adult. Unfortunately there are certain social situations where this perfectly crafted act crumbles and we are left floundering in the abyss that is social hell. Music Over Share Ok I fear maybe this is just me […]

Commitment. Even the word itself feels encompassing, permanent, something you can’t escape. The fear of commitment is an issue which is becoming increasingly common for our generation where we are constantly bouncing from one opportunity to the next, a year here, a year there. Perhaps our graduate minds struggle to define time as anything other […]

”Music is an escape. It silences the world and worries.” Foy Vance – Guiding Light Sam Smith – Lay Me Down Bon Iver – Holocene Daughter – Peter Lewis Watson – Bones Bastille – Overjoyed Acapella Ben Howard – Black Flies James Vincent McMorrow – Someone Like You Mumford and Sons – Reminder James Blake […]

Congratulations, you are employed! Good times. Now you are about to embark on something even more terrifying than rocking up to a party solo: navigating the corporate world. Bad times. Corporate survival is a unique challenge which I can assure you college does not prepare you for. As a graduate you are literally the bottom of […]

There is something so final when you move away from your hometown once you graduate, no longer can you go home for the summer or between semesters and catch up with old friends whenever you want. Your new city becomes your home, the place where your life is but yet no matter where you end […]

Tinder, the online dating/creepiest app there is. Ok so I am judging me too. But desperate times call for desperate measures right? I decided that it is time for me to finally delve back into the world of dating after a rather long drought and a little issue of confusing nostalgia for love(please see previous ramblings). […]